The perfect platform for
custom Web Apps

Normally you wouldn't consider using a CMS as the framework for custom web applications, but Relatude is not your common CMS.

All our Relatude products are based on our WAF framework. The CMS and E-commerce solutions are just applications built on top of the framework. 


  • Performance

    Relatude can handle a lot of traffic with very low response times due to the intelligent cache is uses. Don't waste precious developer hours to build a foundation when we've been optimizing our core framework for many years.

  • Easy to use UI out-of-the-box

    In addition to a powerful code framework, all content/data created in the system can be viewed, edited and managed in an easy to use UI.

  • Simple but powertful API

    The Relatude API is powerful, but also very simple to learn. The basics can be learnt in a short time. Our framework is built to take advantage of the standard .Net features your developers already know.