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.Net platform: MVC or headless.

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  • Canon are a Relatude E-commerce customer
  • Redd Barna (Save The Children Norway) are a Relatude CMS customer
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Why choose Relatude?

It's hard selecting a CMS or E-commerce solution. Below we go through some of the overall benefits of Relatude.

Ease of use for editors

Relatude is a very user-friendly solution, where there is a strong focus on making things easy for users. It does not help to offer a lot of functionality if users do not understand how to use the solution. A user-friendly solution also makes editors more efficient.


Powerful data model provides greater flexibility

One of the core principles behind Relatude is that a powerful data model and a powerful API provide great flexibility. Flexibility means that there are often several ways to solve challenges.

A more powerful data model also provides a larger area of use. In addition to standard CMS and E-commerce websites, Relatude is used for many other types of projects where a CMS or E-commerce solution is not normally used. Relatude is used as a content platform and application framework in everything from line-of-business applications to e-learning platforms.


Headless or not

Headless CMS has become a popular category within the CMS market. We're often asked if Relatude is a headless CMS. The answer is yes, but Relatude is also something more. We like to call it an API-focused CMS. That is, it is designed to return content from an API. But whether the API used in a project is a headless API or a .Net API is just an implementation choice.

Cloud or on-premise

The flexibility of Relatude also extends to the hosting. It can be run in all cloud solutions that supports .Net (most do, including the big 3). But it can also be hosted in all other environments that you can host an asp.net 6 application (on-premise, IoT, colocation, server rental etc).

For those who want an out-of-the-box cloud service, Relatude Cloud is a very good choice.

A powerful API rather than plugins

Some CMS and E-commerce solutions have a plugin-based architecture. The advantage of a plugin architecture is that you can quickly get a result that looks pretty good. But there are a number of downsides with a plugin-based architecture such as security, difficult to customize finished plugins and performance. We believe that a powerful API is much more important in the long run.

Effective work tool

As mentioned above, usability is a major focus in Relatude. Another important focus area is that we work hard to make Relatude an effective work tool, also for those who work a lot in Relatude. It does not help if a solution is super user friendly, if it does not offer the functionality that makes a super-user efficient.

  • Based on proven technology

    .Net is one of the most popular platforms. Leverage the vast ecosystem for your project.

  • Comprehensive headless support

    Relatude has been doing headless since before the term was coined.

  • Best-in-class support for relations

    Discover the power of two way relations between content.

The power of the Content Graph

Relatude is built on top of a unified graph-based content model. This means that you get unprecedented power to model your content as they should be, and not forced into a tree structure.

There are many benefits from a graph-based content model:

  • Support for Relation-based navigation
  • The content has a more natural structure, which makes it easier to understand and reason about, and the content life is often much longer.
  • It allows you to do more complex things.

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