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Relatude E-commerce is a proven e-commerce solution for both B2B and B2C e-commerce sites.

Relatude E-commerce has been designed from the start to be as customizable as possible, in order to tailor each installation to the needs of the owners. This allows it to work with your existing processes and technology.




Relatude E-commerce has been designed from the start to be as adaptable as possible.

In all our years working with E-commerce, we have yet to see any non-trivial site to not have specific needs. Relatude was built to be quick to adapt to needs of each customer, and can be extended in a standardized way on a number of levels. No more expensive customizations living beside the E-commerce solution.

  • Graph structure

    Utilize the full power of the Relatude Content Engine to structure your product data according to your needs. Full PIM support.

  • Presentation

    Deliver beautiful product pages with no restrictions on design extremely fast (less than 100ms in most cases).

  • Marketing

    Includes a full suite of tightly integrated marketing functionality: SMS and Email marketing, Forms and Segmentation.

Utilize modern web technologies

There are no restrictions on design and you have total freedom on how you implement the design. 

One of the key motivators for developers is to work with the latest technology. Relatude wants to be an API for the developer to fetch the content he/she needs, and then let the developer choose the technology on how to present it. We believe this is important to get motivated developers, but also because it is more likely it will work in 5 years.

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Performance as a feature

Relatude is built with performance as one of the most important design goals. The result is an e-commerce solution with exceptional performance. at

Numerous studies have shown that response times from E-commerce solutions has a big impact on user experience and sales. In most situations, pageviews in an Relatude E-commerce site have server time of 10 - 100ms, depending on complexity. 

The server time doesn't give a complete picture as the amount of javascript, size of page, network bandwidth and latency can impact the experience. But none of those factors can be solved by the E-commerce solution. 


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