Relatude AI

Relatude - AI empowered content creation

Relatude CMS contains a range of AI powered features to boost your productivity as an editor. The backend is using the very latest Open AI and ChatGPT 4 API available from Azure and Microsoft. Key features are:

  • Semantic Search: Giving you search results based on meaning, not just words. ( In the backend we have implemented Embedding technologies from the latest laguage models from OpenAI. Embeddings are store locally for fast access in our own integrated vector based index database)
  • Intelligent Q&A: The search engine is able to answer complex questions based on the information in your articles. At the backend it combines the power of GPT4 to reason over content selected by semantic searches. 
  • Image manipulation: Powerful and useful image manipulation functions are easily accessible directly in the UI. Features like: removing backgrounds, removing text and objects, adding colors to B&W photos, improving quality with upscaling and more. 
  • Text manipulation: Various functions to automatically create meta descriptions and keywords, correct, rephrase and reformulate your text in various styles.
  • Content generation: The system can generate content for you based on keywords, both text and images.

Streamline your content and boost your productivty with AI in Relatude!

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