Proventus announces the release of Relatude 7, the innovative CMS and E-commerce platform.

Published: Thursday, November 9, 2023

Oslo, Norway - 09. Nov 2023 – Proventus AS, the company behind the Relatude CMS and E-commerce platform, today announced the release of version 7, a release with advanced AI features and .Net 7 support as the headline features.

"Relatude 7 is an important release of Relatude. Relatude has been a pioneer in AI usage in content management and E-commerce for a long time. The previous AI usage in Relatude has mostly been focused on images and related content due to previous limitations in AI technology.

With this release we have developed a range of new features mainly focused on text, to take advantage of the power of modern Large Language Models (like chatGTP). The new AI technologies have also improved our imaging features. Due to our cooperation with Microsoft, we have had early access to Azure OpenAI GTP4. This has been very beneficial and an important factor in why we can offer such advanced AI functionality now.

While most of our competitors are also bringing out AI features based on LLMs, we have gone deeper and developed our own vector database and semantic search engine. These advanced AI features are deeply integrated with the content in Relatude. This allows our partners to deliver cutting-edge AI web projects at lower costs than the competition.” says Ole Gulbrandsen – Director, Relatude at Proventus.

.Net 7 support

Relatude 6 added support for cross-platform .Net in Relatude via .Net 6 support. In this release we have added support for .Net 7, which brings new features and even better performance to the .Net platform. .Net 7 is the fastest mainstream web-framework on the Tech Empower benchmark[1]. Performance means flexibility and is something we prioritize and value.

Relatude Copilot

To help editors take advantage of the new AI functionality, Relatude 7 has a new AI companion: Relatude Copilot. Relatude Copilot helps editors rewrite, formulate, edit and summarize texts as well as generate illustrations and pictures as part of their workflow. Boring and often forgotten tasks like writing meta descriptions can be done by the click of a button.

Semantic search and vector database

Text comparison search has been the main method to perform searches for a long time. It works by comparing words and sentences for a match in a text-based search index.

Large Language Models (LLMs) make it possible to search for content that has a similar meaning and not just comparing text. This allows for a much better search experience for users. Relatude 7 ships with a semantic search engine that is powered by our own vector database. 

Improved image AI features

Relatude has been known for the powerful image API and image editor. For the last few years, the image functionality has been using AI technology. In this release, most of the AI functionality has been upgraded to use better AI technology. This means that AI operations complete faster and with better quality.

More to come

Relatude 8 is already in an advanced state of development, and it is planned to be released around the end of the year. Stay tuned for the information about all the exciting features it will bring.

About Relatude CMS

Relatude CMS is a .NET based headless web content management (WCM) system powered by the Relatude Content Engine. Designed for the future of content management, it takes advantage of the benefits of structured content by using a content graph. The graph is a key to delivering value to the customer. Relatude is available as a SaaS in Relatude Cloud, but it can also be hosted on-premise or any standard hosting that supports .Net.

About Relatude E-commerce

Relatude E-commerce is a unique .NET based headless E-commerce platform powered by the Relatude Content Engine. It offers the ultimate in flexibility and extensibility for complex E-commerce projects.

About Proventus AS

Proventus AS ( is a Norwegian software company developing and distributing Relatude CMS and Relatude E-commerce. Our customers cover a wide range of industries, from small companies with advanced needs, to large and multinational corporations with complex web presences.