Proventus announces the release of Relatude CMS and E-commerce version 6

Published: Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Oslo, Norway - 16. June 2022 – Proventus AS, the company behind the Relatude CMS and E-commerce platform, today announced the release of version 6, a huge release with .Net 6 support as the headline feature.

"Version 6 of Relatude is one our biggest releases ever. Moving the whole platform from the classic .Net Framework to the multiplatform .Net 6 has been a huge task. As part of the platform change, we have modernized a lot of the public APIs, and most importantly, we have removed a lot of old code. Our platform is now a nimble, modern, and adaptable platform ready for the needs of tomorrow. “ Says; Ole Gulbrandsen – Director, Relatude at Proventus.

Cross platform support

One of the many benefits of moving the Relatude platform to .Net 6 is the cross-platform support in .Net 6. It allows developers on Windows, Linux and Mac to run Relatude on their development machines, and customers can host Relatude on Linux or Windows, either in the cloud or on-premise.


Since the introduction of .Net Core in 2016, the .Net team has focused a lot on performance of .Net. Over the years, .Net has gone from a framework with decent performance to what many consider to be the fastest full stack web framework. This also aligns well with the philosophy of the Relatude team. Performance is important for scalability, user experience, hosting costs and complexity.

Improved developer experience

Another major improvement in .Net 6, is the developer experience. Having a good developer experience is important for us and of course the developers using Relatude, but it is also important for customers to know that the developers like to use a the Relatude platform. This makes it easier to get the best developers.

.Net 6 also supports C# 10 which continues the long tradition of continuous improvements to C#.

About Relatude CMS

Relatude CMS ( is a .NET based web content management (WCM) system powered by the Relatude Content Engine. Designed for the future of content management, it takes advantage of the benefits of structured content by using a content graph. is a key to delivering value to the customer.

About Relatude E-commerce

Relatude E-commerce ( is a unique .NET based E-commerce platform powered by the Relatude Content Engine. It offers the ultimate in flexibility and extensibility.

About Proventus AS

Proventus AS ( is a Norwegian software company developing and distributing Relatude CMS and Relatude E-commerce. Our customers cover a wide range of industries, from small companies with advanced needs, to large and multinational corporations with complex web presences.