Webnodes changes name
to Relatude

About the namechange

We have decided to rebrand our Webnodes products with a Relatude branding. It has been a long process, starting several years ago.

There are several reasons behind the move:

  • We were not able to obtain a trademark for Webnodes worldwide. While we have webnodes.com, we were not able to secure country specific domains for many important countries.
  • Another factor is that there is another company called Webnode, and there has been increasing confusion about in the market. With our expansion plan going forward, we wanted full control over our own name. 

With Relatude, we have a name with no prior usage. We have also secured the domains for all the most important markets.

In connection with the launch of a completely new user interface in our solutions, we thought it was a good time to rebrand our products. 

Organizationally, nothing has changed. It's still the same owners and employees in the company.