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Reflections on 2023

2023 has been an eventful year. As we start 2024, we take a look back at what happended in 2023, and give you a couple of teasers for 2024.

AI Revolution

If there's one thing that has been in focus this year, both in the market in general and for us, it's artificial intelligence (AI). Finally, machines can understand language in a completely different way and formulate sensible responses to questions. This opens up entirely new applications and is particularly well-suited for our market, as content production is a crucial part of website work.

ChatGPT took the world by storm when it was launched just over a year ago (30.November 2022), and there has been rapid development in just that year. We strongly believe that AI will become crucial for the CMS and e-commerce market.

The Relatude team has spent a lot of time integrating AI into the editor interface over the past year. If you haven't seen a demo yet, please contact us, and we can show you how AI can assist you in working with both texts and images.

Proventus was one of the first in Norway to gain access to the GPT-4 engine due to a collaboration with Microsoft. The early access has been crucial for the AI functionality in Relatude.

Relatude Cloud and Azure Marketplace

This fall, we rolled out Relatude Cloud, our new Relatude cloud service, for the first pilot customers. Relatude Cloud is a cloud service where we deliver Relatude as a service, in an ongoing monthly subscription.

The service is hosted on Azure and consists of a customized and automated setup that leverages the benefits of a cloud solution.

Relatude Cloud can already be ordered in the Azure Marketplace: CMS, e-commerce, and web application framework. By purchasing a subscription in the Azure Marketplace, Relatude Cloud is paid through the customer's existing Microsoft payment agreement. Simpler and safer for the customer.

Relatude Cloud is a significant focus area for us and will become even more critical in the future.

Relatude Version 7 Launched

We launched version 7 of Relatude this fall, with a lot of AI-related functionality. See the press release for more information.

New Partner: Enfinity

Enfinity is a company in Sandefjord with expertise in e-commerce. They have several well-known clients, with Kitch'n and Tilbords as their most prominent customers. We look forward to many exciting projects ahead!

New Employees

The Relatude team has grown by two people in 2023. Halvor came straight from a Master's degree at the University of Agder, while Muhammad has extensive experience as a developer. Both are fully engaged. We are looking for more employees in 2024.

New website for Proventus

Proventus launched new websites at the beginning of November, developed on Relatude CMS, with design by Design Reaktor. We have received many positive feedback messages, and we have already experienced more direct applications through the websites than before, as well as a clear increase in other inquiries. So, having good new websites is crucial!

Here is a screenshot from Pagespeed Insights:

Plans for 2024

We have many exciting plans for 2024. It starts in February when we will launch Relatude 8, with support for .Net 8, built-in analytics, PIM, and much more.


We can't wait to show you some of the things we have planned.